Early adopters changing the property management game

Property Management Leadership Summit

Property Management Principals who step up their business operations and customer service standards by adopting game changing technologies such as digital solar, smart locks, 3D floor plans and automated lease showings are changing the property management game.

Speaking at the annual Property Management Leadership Summit, Jo-Anne Oliveri said that principals have two choices in this changing economy: adopt or die.

ireviloution Managing Director and PM Leadership Summit Founder, Jo-Anne Oliveri, stressed that Principals must adopt technologies much faster if they want to survive this fast-changing environment.

“When we’re competing with the likes of Airbnb, not to mention other disruptors poised to enter our industry, the only way to not just survive but thrive is to be an early adopter,” Jo-Anne said.

Jo-Anne went on to say: “Principals who see disruption as an opportunity to innovate will willingly adopt leading-edge products and services provided by the likes of Matter, Point Central, Virtuance and ShowMojo to ensure they remain ahead of the curve.”

“Implementing such technologies add value to the service you are offering, which ensure you remain the agency of choice no matter who or what enters our industry,” Jo-Anne said.

Also speaking at the Property Management Leadership Summit, former Matter Business Development Director, Stuart McGregor, agreed that Principals who implement game changing technologies will be the ones who remain relevant, viable and scalable in this changing economy.

Stuart commented that, “Early adopter Property Management Principals see that Digital Solar is changing the property management game by making it possible for landlords to create a new income stream out of selling solar electricity to tenants cheaper than a utility.”

“This is just one example of game changing Principals who are looking to provide innovative offerings to their clients in order to deliver a leading-edge service, and ultimately come out on top,” Stuart said.

Jo-Anne commented that Matter’s Digital Solar platform is one way this new class of Principals can add value to their investors’ portfolios and remain the agency of choice.

The next Property Management Leadership Summit is taking place on 7-8 March 2018 – Early Bird registration opens soon at pmleadershipsummit.com.au.

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