What is business strategy?

Jacob Aldridge

Hey you, yes you!

Here’s a great rule for testing the quality of business strategy: what’s on the list of ideas you said ‘no’ to?

Too many business owners confuse inspiration and innovation with ‘saying yes to every great idea’. Let me assure you: that way lies madness.

As you build your team, of course, strategy becomes more complicated. You need to document it, to communicate it, to be a coach and mentor to your team … and maybe even have a coach or mentor yourself to stay true to your vision and the roadmap that will take you there.

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Take 5 minutes each week to focus on your business instead of dealing with the demands of working in it.

Originally posted at businessDEPOT.com.au

About Jacob Aldridge

Over the past 12 years, more than 300 active growth businesses in Australia, the UK, and Asia-Pacific have worked with Jacob in his role as an international business coach, partner and advisor. As Director of Advisory at businessDEPOT, Jacob continues to work one-on-one with SME businesses and principals, specialising in Real Estate businesses, while also leading the development of the Strategic Advisory services across Workshops, Group Programs, and Online business guidance.

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