How to create 20% extra profit

Jacob Aldridge

[ Blackboard Fridays Ep. 56 ]

As we continue to climb out of the global financial crisis, increasingly I’m talking to business owners who are ‘busy’. Here’s the critical follow-up question I ask: “Are you busy busy, or good busy?”

Because we all know that there’s a gaping void between being ‘busy’ … and being ‘productive’. If you could improve productivity in your team, reduce waste and improve their efficiency, the extra revenue they produce would flow almost wholly to your bottom line – it’s revenue without costs!

In this week’s episode, learn more about how our R’n’R framework is delivered across a whole business to improve productivity and increase profit. We cover:

Want more profit? Make this happen (or let us know – we can help.)


Take 5 minutes each week to focus on your business instead of dealing with the demands of working in it.

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