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Resilience Hollywood Style

“He who has a WHY to live can bear almost any HOW.”

On your journey to reach the pinnacle of success, you will encounter many challenges and set backs. There may be times when you wonder why you persist, and how you can continue to get back up each time you are knocked down. The difference between those who give up and those who reach their dreams all comes down to this – their level of resilience and how much they are prepared to strengthen it.

Join Karmen Costigan on her quest to find fame and fortune as an actor in Hollywood. Her tale weaves in the key traits of what it takes to survive and thrive. From sleazy agents to struggling to pay the rent, she overcame adversity, learnt how to take the next step forward and hung onto the belief that she could conquer anything. She will share how you too can build resilience Hollywood style to achieve your biggest dreams!

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