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Yuma Soerianto

Yuma Soerianto is a 10 year old iOS app developer, and is also the youngest scholarship winner at WWDC17. He has made 6 apps on the App Store:

  • Kid Calculator – a talking calculator for kids with big, flashy numbers;
  • Weather Duck – a weather app that tells the weather a few hours into the future and recommends what to wear;
  • Pocket Poké for Pokémon – a Pokémon Pokédex that contains more than 700 Pokémon;
  • Hunger Button – an app that suggests random restaurants near you, and tells the details about it (address, rating, cuisine, telephone, etc.);
  • Let’s Stack – a stacking game where you place blocks to build the tallest tower without misplacing them;
  • Let’s Stack AR – an AR version of Let’s Stack, but you can place the objects in real life, and compare your tower to real-world objects!

He started coding at the age of 6 because his schoolwork didn’t challenge and satisfy him enough, and started with coding games. Soon after, he started making his own website and games for his friends to play with and enjoy! Once he was experienced enough, he wanted more of a challenge, and was interested in making apps with Swift (a new programming language used to make iOS apps), as it was new and released at the time. Yuma learned Swift from an iTunes U Stanford University course, which he finished in about four months!

In August 2016, Yuma Soerianto wanted to teach others, especially kids his age to learn how to code and make apps with Swift. He started his own YouTube channel, Anyone Can Code, where his makes tutorials on how to make iOS apps from scratch, using various technologies such as: SpriteKit, CoreLocation, UIKit, and others.

Yuma also has some other hobbies than making apps. He has been playing the piano for one year, in addition to doing Taekwondo (South Korean Martial Arts) since he was five years old, and he is now almost a black belt!

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